Hello 2021

Are We Going To Be Okay, or What?

It’s certainly been an interesting few months, hasn’t it? We have elected a new President (depending upon who or what you believe), we have approved not one, but two COVID vaccines, and while infections are on the rise due to the desire to be with loved ones during the holidays, the curve will once again flatten and with the vaccine we will be able to find our way to a new, but somewhat recognized normal.

I for one, cannot wait to be able to leave and walk about freely again.

I have been lucky enough to be in long term relationships. First I was engaged to someone for four years but I was with him for 10+. His family was everything to me, and the biggest reason I put off breaking off the engagement. Though we’re not as close, I still have some contact with m God Daughter and her parents, and for that I am grateful. After some time alone, I was with the next person for just about 10 years, (I married him – we were together for nearly ten years though our marriage only lasted for 5), and his family is still very precious to me. I then had the miserable relationship after the divorce, which afforded me a place to spend last Christmas. So, this was a very difficult year for me when the holidays hit, but I’ve heard this from a large number of people.

As a woman of a certain age, this is the first time in my life I have ever spent Thanksgiving, neverminded Christmas, alone. It was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. Perhaps in the future I’d be better position to spend the holidays alone again, but I honestly hope that it will never happen again.

Like many others, I feel as though I’ve watched just about everything that there is to watch on every single fucking streaming platform available to us. I’m talking EVERYTHING. Older stuff I didn’t watch, all the new releases, the obscure stuff; hell I even watch – no scratch that – I LOVE all the foreign language crime/drama/procedural series, too. By now I figure I’ve learned how to dispose of a body in about 6 languages and at least 3 sexy accents.

I’ve also learned that when in Belgium, France and Denmark that I should stay the FUCK out of the goddamn forests. Nothing good happens there, regardless the time of day, time of year or how educated you are. Yep. Lesson learned.

I’m attempting to date again. Admittedly, not the best time to be on these dating apps. Well, these dating apps are always a bit more entertaining than useful, are they not? Now, with everyone locked in, locked down and showing a bit more of their crazy than they normally might; it’s become just as fucking fun as watching an unexpectedly great new series on Netflix or Prime but I’ll save that for another day.

How did you all fare over the holiday hiatus? Hopefully you managed to keep track of the days and your livers. I am expecting mine to return from the “spa” any day now.

Happy New Year!

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