QuarantEaster 2020

The year that Easter Sunday felt the same as every other Wednesday….under the “shelter in place” order and keeping myself occupied under the order to shelter in place.


This Easter was obviously a bit different from any other that I’ve ever experienced for two reasons.

  1. COVID-19
  2. It’s the first I have not spent with the family of the person I was with romantically; whether we were together or not. (yes, though my ex and I were separated last year, I still spent Easter with the family…)

The woman we rent from is extremely skilled at taking advantage of people, so she had my boyfriend working on installing pavers for the 5th day (in total) since last fall, for absolutely no compensation other than pizza (it’s a trade he’s now essentially taught her after she promised to pay him xx dollars a day; and then claimed to not remember that once the work was done….) and I was busy sewing masks for friends and family 19 hours a day like a poor 9 year old girl from a third world country all weekend. So, Easter felt like any other day under the order to “shelter in place”.

I had the idea to make surgical caps and masks the first week that people were panicking, long before we were ever lead to believe we’d be isolated for months. But, then I thought that it would be in poor taste and didn’t want to offend anyone. (I have an existing Etsy page where I sell hand knit baby blankets, hats, scarves, and cotton totes…). Suddenly, 5 weeks later, the CDC reverses their initial directive on wearing masks and EVERYONE wants 2 or 20.

So, last weekend I pulled out my old crafting fabric stash and sewing machine; and got to work. My sorority sisters immediately began requesting masks, 2 and 4 at a time and I’ve been head down at the machine ever since. It’s been great getting reacquainted with an old friend and doing something that provides not only a little peace of mind but now a required item, to my friends and family.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered Chilean Sauvignon Blanc comes in a box, which I think is excellent. It’s nearly summer NZ Sauvignon Blanc weather, whether we can go out and do anything or not. As soon as it begins to warm up, I am all but done with Pinot Noir until I need a sweatshirt again.

Insomnia has reared it’s ugly head this week. It’s so hard to sleep knowing you’re doing the same thing over and over and over again with little chance of a different result at the end of each day. I’ve started re-watching Parenthood, which is a nice way to fall asleep. I find it eases me into more pleasant dreams than other series. I’m also grateful for the release of new seasons during this pandemic, such as Ozark (Netflix), Home Before Dark (Apple TV+), and Killing Eve (BBC). Parenthood was my “Thirtysomething” when it debuted all those years ago. and now I look at This is Us as the new Parenthood.

As for the change of month, it seems impossible that it’s already the second week of April. How did we get here and whose hand basket are we in? Please, stay home friends so that we can get back to our “new normal” as quickly as possible. I really need to get out and see my girls (and male friends, too) before I go completely and utterly mad.

How are you all coping?

Regardless, please be safe. We’ve already lost far too many people to this crazy virus. Let’s not lose any more.