These COVID-19 Days

I work from home. That’s the way it’s been, for the most part, since around January of 2000. Working from home means being able to pull yourself out of bed in enough time to be online (if your employer tracks that sort of thing), respond to the first client email you receive or be on your first conference call of the day. Whatever the situation, you learn, you adapt and you make it work. You create a schedule that works for you, your co-workers and your clients; and that’s all that matters.

When it comes to events, doing what I do means you can be on-call 20+ hours a day. I’m in the NYC area, so I have clients across the country and in Canada. When they call, you pick up the phone. Unless, of course, you are on your honeymoon, giving birth or in the hospital. It’s what we do. We are the event specialists and we take client service very seriously.

In this current environment it’s been a challenge. Some clients have dropped off the of the face of the Earth, some want even more contact and others have been furloughed; which is sad. When you make a connection with someone like that and you create some really great work, it’s tough to see them let go. Even if it’s just temporary. I’ve tried to keep lines of communication open with my favorite clients, making sure that they are safe, healthy and doing ok. But, some of them just haven’t responded and that worries me and also makes me a bit sad.

My ex is in a unique position as a producer, song writer and recording engineer with a home studio. His clients, of course, have all either cancelled sessions or postponed for months; some indefinitely. I feel bad for him. I have other ways of creating an income but that’s pretty much all he is equipped to do. He is also in care of our two dogs, a 14 year old male dachshund and a 9 year old female beagle. I manage expenses for their vet care and help with other needs as they come up. Since I know the woman I rent from, she agreed to let them visit me from time to time, which I appreciate. They have been my life since …. wow … for years. I couldn’t have children, so they became my focus. They are my loves.

I am looking forward to being able to pick them up, squeeze their furry little wiggly butts and be annoyed with their usual stuff again.

These weeks have been challenging, not because I haven’t been able to leave my home but because I haven’t been able to travel to see my best friend in the southwest. I had to rearrange a trip to Phoenix because my friend’s Mum is wintering with her and she had chemo two years ago. I can’t go visit my family in New England. I have two nurses that work with the elderly in my immediate family, my Dad had cancer 3 years ago, my Mom is a type 2 Diabetic … my best friend works in a nursing home … it’s really tough.

We’ve been able to have groceries delivered on a relatively regular basis. At least once a week. We’ve been able to keep ourselves stocked (like sane people) with toilet paper, water, paper towels, cleansers … coffee, water and other sundries.) I can get wine delivered thanks to Drizly. I’ve had plenty to watch and binge, luckily.

I’ve been knitting my tiny, fat little white hands off; there’s been no shortage of yarn deliveries here.

But, I do miss the occasional dinner and drinks with my friends and colleagues.

I hope that you are all managing. Being safe. Staying healthy.

Currently binging Ozark and anxiously awaiting the new season of Killing Eve.

What about you?

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