Surviving the “Chinese Virus”

My Irish is up. Sometime yesterday you may have noticed that our self-proclaimed “War-Time President” renamed COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus”.


As though it wasn’t bad enough to be living through the initial botched response that cost us all precious days in the fight against this monster, we now have to suffer this insult, too. One of my dearest friends happens to be Chinese AND a nurse in NYC. The backlash against the Asian community has been reprehensible. Even City Council members have been recorded spouting racist rants and public transportation riders caught publicly harassing fellow New Yorkers of Asian descent; and this was all WELL-PRIOR TO THE PRESIDENT SETTING A DEPLORABLE EXAMPLE TO CONTINUE THIS RACIST BEHAVIOR.

To those of you that believe he is the light, the way and the future; what in hell are you thinking? Do you honestly feel that it’s okay to spit on your next door neighbor all of a sudden because they are Asian? You DO realize that is what happened in NAZI Germany, right? Hitler gradually took hold of the media, established his policies, and told everyone that Jews were evil. People fell in line and later on, members of the SS, the military, soldiers in the camps; when charged plead innocent because they were “just following orders”. Just keep that in mind the next time you curse this virus and “the Asian backs it rode in on….”

I’m not saying “his Bronzeness” is Hitler, he’s not anywhere near as clever as that piece of Evil shit was; he’s just ignorant enough to have given license to the underground bigots, racists and neo-Nazis that have been biding their time to reappear. Something has to give, someone needs to step up and shut down his rhetoric, and put these assholes back under their rocks where they belong.

Listen, it happens every few years, a virus mutates and spreads. Guess what folks, we’re lazy. We need to be better, more vigilant and definitely more hygienic. Stop shaming and blaming and finger pointing. AND for the LOVE of Oden, don’t allow this guy to feel like it’s okay for him to do any of it.

I don’t often have much to say when it comes to politics, but this is so absurd I can’t shut up. I’m a sarcastic redhead in self-isolation with NO ONE TO FREAKIN’ TALK TO. It was bound to happen.

There, I said it.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled daily crap. Errr, wait, maybe not crap. In light of the toilet paper shortage, that may be perceived as insensitive.

Stuff. Stuff might be the better word here…

Be kind, check on your elderly neighbors and for the love of all that is good, please practice healthy social distancing.

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